Case Study

Case Study

Company: DEV Systemtechnik, Germany

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  • Contact person: Ms. Ute Chandoni, Goebel Marketing Manager
  • Norbert Reiss, Software Architect

As the experts in RF signal handling, DEV Systemtechnik develops and manufactures high performance systems to route, switch, distribute and combine RF signals between satellites and receivers of a head end in different frequency bands. We transmit RF signals either traditionally, via coaxial cable, or via fiber optic link, to bridge longer distances.

Our products and systems allow us to configure an independent combination of the functions above within the frequency range of DC-26.5 GHz and meet the requirements for maximum system availability with no single point of failure.

Our project was to ease, speed up and improve SNMP realization for our future product families. We evaluated several vendors according to the following criteria: development speed, code quality, support.

The only product that met our criteria was DMH software. After working with DMH for 3 months, we were impressed with their level of support. Especially when it came to problems with our target platform, which were quickly solved by direct contacts between DMH and the platform vendor. What we like most at the product itself is:

  • The structure of the auto-generated code (scalability, structure)
  • The possibility of first getting a PC-based "dummy" client for MIB and code verification prior to target coding

This fits well into our software development process. Overall, we met all of our project objectives: fast realization of reliable SNMP clients on our products.

The continuous development of our products is driven by our innovative spirit, highest quality claims and the individual requirements of our customers. Our products are outstanding and are differentiated from other products on the market by versatility, design and their range of functions for permanent operation, also under extreme environmental conditions.