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DMH MIB Compiler

The DMH SMIv2 MIB-Compiler is your tool for rapid MIB development for DMH Advanced SNMP Agent(s). The compiler generates "C" and "H" files with most of the code required to support the specific MIBs. The generated files need to be modified to access the actual data of your system. The MIB-Compiler supports both SMIv2 and SMIv1. It can compile published IETF and IANA ASN.1 MIB files. The compiler does not require special directive or changes in MIB files. The MIB-Compiler can process input files in the standard SMIv2/1 ASN.1 format. We have tested most of the IETF and IANA MIB definition files.

MIB-Compiler detailed description

The SMIv2 DMH back-end generates MIB header file, the method-functions as well as the mib database for the DMH SNMP-Agent. The "c" and "h" files generated by the back-end include support code, information and hints for the mib developer.

The compiler generates code and comments to help adding the support for tabular mibs (tables). Every object is provided with the details of syntax, node-type, index information, hints and code example to support it. The task of adding the support for your MIB extension is easier and faster.

The compiler generates code to support Notification objects. It generates trap_ stubs for notification definition specified in the ASN.1 MIB file.

The front-end compiler is based on "libsmi", an advanced research MIB-Compiler and mib processing tool-set. The compiler includes several additional built-in back-ends for various formats including SMIng, SMIv1, SMIv2, import, type-query and more.

The MIB-Compiler is kept up to date with the latest architecture, services and enhancements of the DMH Advanced SNMP-Agent. It generates code to calls the latest snmp-agent special functions and handlers to process tabular mib as well as special mib objects such as rowStatus, storagType etc.

Request the DMH MIB-Compiler for evaluation

DMH SMIv2 MIB-Compiler for DMH Advanced SNMP-Agent, is available upon request. Please email DMH Sales or contact us, to request a copy of the MIB-Compiler for evaluation. We will work with you to solve any issues and meet specific requirements you may have.

Latest Releases

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