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DMH Advanced SNMP-Agent

About the SNMP Agent

DMH provides one of the best Embedded SNMP Agents in the industry. Our embedded SNMPv3 Agent and embedded SNMPv2c Agent are deployed in a variety of systems around the world, including within defense, aerospace, Internet of Things (IoT), internetworking, and telecommunications applications.

DMH offers three separate SNMP Agents: the SNMPv1 Agent, SNMPv2c Agent, and the fully compliant SNMPv3 Agent. While the SNMPv3 protocol provides added security, customers can start with the SNMPv2c Agent, and later, easily upgrade to the SNMPv3 Agent. Notably, this upgrade can re-use the existing MIBs, rather than requiring additional MIB development. Finally, the SNMPv3 Agent can be configured to work as an SNMPv1 or SNMPv2c agent, enabling you to meet the requirements of end customers who require snmpv1/v2c functionality.

DMH Advanced SNMP-Agent (ANSI C implementation) is highly portable and designed to be integrated in any given system and platforms. It is used in popular systems such as Windows platforms, Unix platforms, Linux, DOS, Micro-controllers and many proprietary realtime embedded systems and IOT devices.

The Agent is designed to be used in embedded systems in real-time environment such as switches, routers, bridges, printers, iot devices, UPS, Modems, Cable Modem (snmpv3/DOCSIS), DSL Modems, etc. DMH SNMP Agent is used in small 8/16bit CPU systems, such as 8051, to high capacity switching systems using 64bit CPUs, with Linux and other RTOS. See more details here.

The DMH Advanced Java SNMP-Agent is a cross-platform Agent designed to be used in any system that supports Java. It is small, efficient and can be used in small real-time embedded Java platforms.

SNMPv3 Support

The SNMP-Agent supports the full SNMPv3 protocol including USM, VACM and SNMPv3 application MIBs. USM support includes: MD5, SHA authentication and CBC-DES encryption. All snmpv3 related mibs support remote configuration. See more details here. You can upgrade DMH Agent to support snmpv3 at any point of your product life cycle. The SNMP-Agent can be configured to process SNMPv1, SNMPv2c and SNMPv3.

MIB Compiler

The SNMP Agent development SDK includes SMIv2 MIB-Compiler for rapid mib development. The compiler significantly simplifies the mib development task, and reduces the time needed to develop the support for new MIB objects.

Source Code and Binary SDK

The SNMP-Agent is offered in Source Code form SDK, or in Binary SDK form when source code is not required. The Source Code SDK includes all the snmp-agent source code, and documentation. The binary SDK includes the snmp-agent libraries for the specific platform, some source code and code example, API header files and documentation. All the development SDK come with the SMIv2 MIB-Compiler

Binary Development SDK

We offer binary SDKs for various platforms such as Windows, Linux, DOS, as well many realtime embedded platforms such as:

Please contact us for other systems.

Latest Releases

Please check here for the latest DMH SNMP Agent product releases.