Wiznet Platform

DMH SNMP-Agent for Wiznet Platforms

DMH Advanced SNMP Agent SDK is available for the various Wiznet Platforms. Supported SNMP versions are: SNMPv1, SNMPv2c (and; upon request the SNMPv3).

DMH SNMP Agent is fully integrated with the Wiznet Platform software and hardware. Including the support for some of the Ipstack-MIB-II. The Agent for Wiznet Platform is available in Source Code SDK form or as a Binary SDK.

The Wiznet Platform is based on their own TCP/IP SOC Modules. The system consists of firmware, software and tools to develop network devices, including: hardware, TCP/IP Stack on chip, Web Server, and an ANSI C/C++ Compiler tools suitable for the specific system.

See more information about the platform at: Wiznet Website, and Wiznet products. DMH used the Keil C/C++ compiler for the 8051 CPU to build the SNMP-agent for the Wiznet platform, along with the software provided by Wiznet C Library and Software tools.

We tested the SNMP-Agent on some of Network modules provided by Wiznet.