DMH SNMP Agent Maxim for Maxim platforms and Maxim-Dallas TINI

DMH SNMP Agent is fully integrated on Maxim-Dallas TINI platform All SNMP versions are support: SNMPv1, SNMPv2c and the full SNMPv3. The Dallas DS80C400 TINI® platform is based on 8bit 8051 CPU. It consists of a hardware and software real-time TCP/IP stack for networking applications. DMH Advanced SNMP Agent for the Dallas DS80C400 TINI® platform is available with support for TINI Ipstack MIB-II. The platform consists of software APIs to the network stack. See more information about TINI platform at: TINI - Tiny InterNet Interfaces. The "C" library project information can be found at: Dallas DS80C400 C Library Project.  The Java API documentation can be found at Dallas DS80C400 Java API.

DMH integrated and tested both C and Java based systems on the TINI platform.

DMH TINI C platform

TINI platform was used frequently with DMH Advanced SNMP Agent. The DMH SNMP Agent has been integrated with Dallas DS80C400 TINI® ANSI C environment and thoroughly tested on this platform. It is deployed and used for various applications.  The SNMP-agent for the TINI platform is available in source code form or as a binary SDK. DMH developed and tested the SNMP Agent code by the popular Keil "C51" compiler for DS80C400 8051 platform. See more information at: Keil Software

DMH TINI Java Platform

The DMH Advanced Java SNMP-Agent is a true cross-platform real-time SNMP-agent designed to be used in any Java enabled platform. We have successfully integrated the new Embedded Java SNMP-Agent on Dallas TINI Java platform - a very small, real-time, embedded Java platform. The Java platform consists of a JVM with standard Java classes and platform specific classes to access the network stack and other system resources. We built the SNMP Agent code by the Sun Microsystems, Inc. Java compiler, and used Dallas TINI software tools to build the TINI Java program. The Java API documentation can be found at: Dallas DS80C400 Java API.


The following Ipstack MIB-II are supported:

  • IP-MIB: IP scalars (not counters)
  • IP-MIB: Address table and ARP table
  • IP-FORWARD-MIB: IP Forwarding table. (CIDR in future)
  • TCP-MIB: TCP scalars, some counters
  • TCP-MIB: TCP Connection table
  • UDP-MIB: UDP listen table (not counters)
  • IF-MIB: Interface table, some scalars (not counters)