DMH Advanced real-time Java SNMP Agent

DMH Java SNMP Agent for Embedded Systems. The DMH Advanced Java SNMP-Agent is a true cross-platform real-time SNMP-agent designed to be used in any Java enabled platform. It is specifically designed for small embedded and real-time Java platforms, and can even run on small systems based on the 8051 CPU, as well as Windows, Unix, and Linux platforms.

The Java Agent is designed for Java-based embedded systems in real-time environments, such as switches, routers, bridges, printers, Cable and DSL modems, and UPSes.

DMH Java SNMP Agent advantages:

  • A small, fast, portable and extensible SNMP Agent protocol engine in "Java". No porting is required. You can immediately use the agent on any Java platform.
  • The Java Agent is designed to be used in small embedded systems. We tested it on small embedded Java system based on 8051 cpu!
  • SMIv2 MIB-Compiler, for rapid MIB development. It produces Java code from standard ASN.1 MIB definition files.
  • Simple, elegant, and straight forward way to add the support to new MIB objects, including tabular objects.
  • Includes simple Java Interface definition for instance evaluation and table manipulation. Tables of objects are generated by the MIB compiler.
  • Highly efficient implementation: a MIB search involves an average of 30 compare operations (in contrast with over 1000 in popular SNMP implementations).
  • Dynamic object registration - a must for systems requiring high modularity and versatility.
  • The SNMP engine supports SNMPv1, SNMPv2c protocols.
  • May be used with any transport services (e.g. udp socket) provided by the hosting-system.

The SNMP package is compact, simple, and highly portable. Its overall design is optimized for quick integration and ease of use, as are the extensive documentation and samples, and our excellent customer support.  We have successfully integrated the new Embedded Java SNMP-Agent on a very small, real-time, embedded Java platform: the Dallas TINI Java platform.

DMH Java components

  • Java MIB Compiler - The SNMP Agent development SDK includes SMIv2 MIB-Compiler for rapid mib development. The compiler significantly simplifies the MIB development task, and reduces the time needed to develop the support for new MIB objects.
  • The Java SNMP-agent kernel does not use platform specific code. It is can be used on any Java enabled system. You can add platform specific code if needed. We offer platform specific code for some platforms. All platform specific code is delivered in source-code so you can change it if required. Some systems require special compilation flags. We will work with you to build an SNMP-agent to meet specific requirements.
  • Binary or Source Code Development SDKs - The Java SNMP-Agent is offered as a Binary SDK or as a Source Code SDK. Both SDKs come with documentation, html API documentation derived from source files, source-code of demo-mib implementation, and other source-code examples. In addition, both development SDKs come with the SMIv2 MIB-Compiler

DMH Java SDKs:

  • Java Binary Development SDK - Because Java is by definition portable and cross-platform, in most cases you will be able to use the standard Java SNMP-agent classes for your Java platform. The Binary SDK includes all the components you will need to build a Java SNMP-agent for your system including the support for private MIB objects.
  • Java Source-Code Development SDK - The Source Code SDK includes all the SNMP-agent Java source code, documentation, and html API documentation, and related tools. It is offered to customers that require the source-code.

We have tested the binary SDKs on systems like Windows, Linux, as well as small embedded platforms, such as the: Dallas DS80C400 TINI® system.  The Dallas DS80C400 TINI® platform is based on 8bit 8051 cpu. It consists of a hardware and software real-time tcp/ip stack for networking applications. The Java platform consists of a JVM with standard Java classes and platform specific classes to access the network stack and other system resources. Product information, documentation and Java API can be found at: Dallas DS80C400 information.

We offer to test our Java Agent on other platforms and make any necessary changes. Please contact us for other systems.

DMH Java SNMP Agent - Highlights

As developers of SNMP applications for the past 20 years, we found that the two most critical aspects of an SNMP system are:

  • The large amount of work involved in implementing "MIB" modules.
  • The heavy CPU overhead involved in the processing of SNMP commands.

As a result, we designed a fast, modular, extensible Java SNMP Agent aimed at maximizing programmer productivity, minimizing the SNMP knowledge required, and improving run time efficiency. The Java SNMP-agent architecture is similar to the one of our C real-time agent. The MIB database uses a sorted binary-tree for efficient lookup. To keep the Java agent small and fast most of the standard heavy-duty Java library utilities were avoided.

DMH SNMP Advanced Agent - Implementation Description

You can learn more about the DMH Advanced SNMP Agent architecture and implementation details. This document also describes the step-by-step process of an SNMP request.