Web Server

DMH Software: The Portable HTTP/Web Server

Product Highlights

  • A highly portable HTTP/WEB Server protocol engine in "C" source format. Any "C" compiler can be used to build the software.
  • Open and flexible architecture and easy to be integrated with any given hosting-system. Short "time-to-ping".
  • Integrated with various systems and environments. Compiled with various "C" compiler including MSVC++, BCC and GCC.
  • HTML Compiler generates "C" stubs for URL registration and "method" functions.
  • Simple, elegant, and straight forward way to add the support to new URLs
  • Dynamic registration and de registration of URLs.
  • May be used with DMH TCP/IP Stack or other transport provided by the hosting-system. Designed to be used with any given TCP, including BSD/Win socket API.
  • The server can be compiled for various platforms such as Unix, NT/W95 or DOS. All the web support and http server related development can be done on the platform of choice using the "native" development tools. When ready, the software can be simply compiled for the embedded-target platform.
  • Support HTTP Security. Security can be done on a resource basis and at system-level. The hosting system can implement its own security and restriction policy.
  • HTML file content is embedded as data where no file-system is provided. In systems where file-system is offered, file content can be optionally read from a given file.
  • CGI model is supported allowing the programmer to generate the Resource/Page content "on the fly"
  • An existing CLI can be easily integrated to be accessed by Web client.
  • Very small memory footprint.
  • Follow all the changes of HTTP protocol standards (e.g HTTP 1.1). and Offer software upgrades.
  • Compatible with all the major web browsers such as Netscape, Internet Explorer etc.
  • Compile-time configuration allows to configure the server at compilation time and to remove the support of unwanted features.

DMH Software offers:

  • High quality, easy-to-follow, and well documented source code. Customers can easily make changes if required.
  • Excellent support to help integration of its software products.
  • Quick response to special requests and custom changes.
  • Work with customers to add new features and develop new ideas.