Eval SNMP Agent

DMH Evaluation SNMP-Agent SDK

Evaluation SNMP Agent upon request

DMH provides evaluation SNMP Agents for various platforms. Please contact us if you would like an evaluation for a specific platform. All SNMP versions are supported: SNMPv1, SNMPv2c and SNMPv3 Agents.

Evaluation SNMP Agent for your own system

In case we do not have the evaluation sdk for your system, we will work with you to build an SDK that you can use on specific system. This includes building the SNMP-Agent libraries with your C Compiler/tools and provide a software 'adapter', for your TCP/IP stack.

Adding support for your own MIBs

Part of the evaluation is adding the support for your private MIBs. DMH will provide its SMIv2 MIB-Compiler so you can compiler your MIB files and include the generated C files in your build. The SMIv2 MIB-Compiler is available for Windows and Linux systems.

Evaluation SDK on general platforms

We also provide SNMP-Agent evaluation SDK for Windows, Linux, and Apple Mac OSX. It is a great tool to develop, test, and verify your MIBs with a 'true' SNMP-Agent. For Windows we use MSVC(x86), GCC(x86)/Cygwin and MinGW, LLVM/Clang. For Linux GCC(x86, and ARM). For Apple, Xcode/LLVM/Clang(x86).