DMH Advanced SNMP Technology is available on a variety of platforms

DMH Software technology is based on over 20 years of industry experience and many years of telecommunication and data communication team’s experience. DMH portable software is platform, compiler and RTOS independent which was proven by porting to numerous platforms and CPU architectures from the smallest 8 bit configuration, such as 8051, to 64 bit large system with Linux and other RTOS. Some of the platforms our customers use, are listed below left:

Platforms NetBurner Core Modules, Micrium OS and TCP/IP systems, Keil MDK Middleware, Xilinx FPGA, Xilinx ARM, ADI Blackfin, TI-RTOS SimpleLink, ARM based systems, Linux, Windows, Lwip, Imsys SNAP, Maxim/TINI, Beck IPC@CHIP, Datalight, Wiznet, Others
Real-Time OS Netburner, Lwip, Micrium/uOS-II/III, Keil MDK/Middleware, TI-RTOS, Embedded MS-Windows, Linux, Citrix ETS, Solaris, Beck IPC@CHIP, DOS, DOS-like systems, EBSnet,VxWorks, Rbus, other RTOS
Compilers GNU GCC, LLVM/Clang, Microsoft MSVC, IAR, Keil (ARM, x86, 51), Atollic, TI, Xilinx MicroBlaze GCC, Borland BCC, Paradigm (Beck IPC), Diab (VxWorks), DJGPP, UCC (Imsys), any ANSI C/C++ compiler
SNMP Management Systems Net-SNMP, HP Openview, MG-SOFT, Castlerock SNMPc, iResoning, NuDesign

DMH product suite share the following unique technology across all platforms

  • Field proven. DMH SNMP-agent is used and deployed in many commercial products and integrated in many types of systems. It supports generic Transport domain and Network addresses, specifically it is designed to work with both IPv4, IPv6 and dual protocol stacks
  • Updated and complete code. DMH products are updated to the most recent RFC and DOCSIS standards. For example, Advanced Encryption System (AES) was supported when the standard was finalized. In addition, DMH code successfully passed the SNMP (all versions) of the most rigorous industry tests including DOCSIS and was field tested against most available SNMP management systems.
  • Performance. DMH SNMP-agent is very small to fit with the smallest platforms such as those based on 8051. Excellent runtime performance.
  • Faster integration time. DMH code is following high standard of open and flexible software engineering design. This allows smooth updates, changes and custom additions. It allows fast and easy integration of a new RTOS. Another example is the smooth upgrade from SNMPv2c to SNMPv3. In addition, DMH SNMP-agent can be compiled and work on your software development platform (e.g Windows, Linux, Solaris etc).
  • Excellent and updated documentation. DMH uses Doxygen to provide clear and updated documentation. This is crucial for software engineers who need to meet urgent deadlines
  • Advanced MIB compiler. The SMIv2 MIB-compiler generates a lot of code to help you add the support for private MIB objects. MIB development is very easy and fast. Intelligent support for scalar and tabular MIBs. Accepts standard smiv1/v2 asn.1 MIB and generate several output formats.