Company Overview

DMH Software is a world leader in SNMP agent solutions.

We have over 20 years of experience in network management, networking protocol, and security protocols.

In its early years, DMH specialized in communication protocols and full TCP/IP stack implementation for embedded real-time systems. DMH Software built on its expertise in the field and now concentrates on network management and security protocols.

DMH Software is based in Acton, Massachusetts and works with customers world-wide. DMH Software's team includes five to six professionals who work on the development and maintenance of communication protocols.

DMH Software's products are well known for their open, flexible architecture, quality of implementation, and clear documentation.

DMH Software's products are integrated and deployed world-wide in a wide range of systems, including commercial systems, U.S. Governnment and Defense Industry products, overseas military systems, traffic control, banking systems, satellites, cable modems and set-top boxes.

DMH Software's Advanced SNMP Agent has been fully integrated with several communication platforms, whose vendors endorse DMH Software's SNMP Agent as their preferred SNMP solution. Our teams work together closely to ensure smooth operation bewteen the SNMP agent and the hosting platform.