DMH Customer Endorsements

Company: Trexhawaii, U.S.

Contact: Michael Rodby, Software Engineer

Our gigabit radio had an SNMPv1 interface, but our customers were demanding more security. We evaluated several vendors to find a solution that had already been ported to our platform, worked out of the box, with available source code, and good support.

The only product that met our criteria was the SNMPv3 agent from DMH Software. We were immediately impressed with their support. Any time we had a problem, DMH support provided the information that led to a solution, usually within hours, sometimes even on a Sunday. On two separate occasions, I mentioned a feature that would help us, and would probably help other customers.

DMH support agreed, so they implemented those features, and provided the revised software to us. Using the DMH Software SNMPv3 Agent cut several months of development time from our schedule, compared to implementing it ourselves.

Company: DEV Systemtechnik, Germany


  • Ms.Ute Chandoni-Goebel, Marketing Manager
  • Norbert Reiss, Software Architect

Our project was to ease, speed up and improve SNMP realization for our future product families. We evaluated several vendors against the following criteria: development speed, code quality, support.

The only product that met our criteria was DMH software. After working with DMH for 3 months, we were impressed with their level of support. Especially when it came to problems with our target platform, which have quickly been solved by direct contacts between DMH and the platform vendor.

What we like most at the product itself is the structure of the auto-generated code (scalability, structure). The possibility of first getting a Windows based "dummy" client for MIB and code verification