DMH Supports a variety of Systems, Operating Systems (RTOS) and Ipstacks

DMH Advanced SNMP Agent has been integrated with variety of platforms (embedded and general). DMH partners with vendors to integrate and offer its Advanced SNMP-Agent as the choice of SNMP-Agent on those platforms. Our team work closely with other teams to offer an high quality integral solution. We work with Compiler and IDE vendors to make sure that our software can be built with most popular tool-chains and IDEs.

By design, DMH portable software is platform independent. It can be built by and given ANSI C compiler/IDE. It does not require RTOS. It is designed to integate with any TCP/IP stack. The design was proven by porting the Agent numerous platforms and CPU architectures from the smallest 8 bit configuration, such as 8051, up to to 64 bit large system.

DMH partnered with Operating System vendors and other platform vendors to offer the DMH Advanced SNMP Agent on those OSs and platforms. The list includes:

  • Netburner 32bit ColdFire controller based systems, GCC, Eclipse, GNU Makefile
  • EBSNet - RTOS, Ipstack and file-system, CPU portable
  • Windows based Systems (including Windows CE for embedded systems)
  • Micrium µC/OS-II/II and Micrium TCP/IP Stack, CPU portable
  • Xilinx MicroBlaze FPGA and ARM platforms with Micrium or lwIP TCP/IP stacks. MicroBlaze GCC, ARM GCC, and Eclipse IDE
  • Datalight Inc. - 16bit DOS with Ipstack and file-system, BCC tool-chains
  • Venturcom (VCI) / Interval Zero - Phar Lap ETS ( Windows-like rtos, Microsoft tool-chain)
  • CMX Systems - small 8bit, 16bit and 32bit Ipstack/Rtos
  • Linux based Systems, GCC compiler and tool-chain
  • Monta Vista - real-time Linux
  • TimeSys - real-time Linux
  • QNX Software Systems real-time rtos/ipstack
  • ADI Blackfin/SHARC processors - Analog Devices platforms (Micrium and lwIP Ipstacks)
  • Imsys SNAP modules - Imsys Java/C platforms. UCC C compiler
  • Maxim Dallas - TINI 8051 controller based platform. Keil 8051 C compiler
  • Wiznet modules