DMH Release information, Code and Tools Upgrades

DMH Advanced SNMP Agent is constantly being improved. We continue to improve the SNMP-Agent to make it easier to use, add new features, make it faster and smaller, and to fix reported problems.

We recommend our existing customers to upgrade their SNMP-Agent (source code or binary sdks) with the current release and use the latest MIB-compiler. Please contact us to upgrade your SNMP-Agent.

We recommend SNMPv1 and SNMPv2c customers to upgrade to SNMPv3 to add security and better access control.

We also recommend SNMPv1 customers to upgrade to SNMPv2c because SNMPv1 is now become obsolete. SNMPv2c offer additional features and new data-types. We continue to support the SNMPv1 release for customers who are not ready to upgrade to SNMPv2c.

Current releases: Advanced SNMP Agent and SMIv2 MIB-Compiler

Product Release Date
SNMPv3 Agent Feb 10 2017
SNMPv2c Agent 3.1.17 May 9 2016
SNMPv1 Agent Aug 05 2013
MIB-Compiler Jul 18 2016

Features of above releases

  • New MIB API for object method functions (see details below)
  • New API for Community-Strings management (snmpv1/v2c)
  • New API for Community-Strings database management (snmpv1/v2c)
  • API functions to control View bit-masks on entire MIB database (snmpv1/v2c)
  • Reduced memory (by %50) required to build the agent MIB database
  • New API function SnMibGetVar() to obtain object value and type from agent database. Used for trap functions
  • Improved AS.1/BER parser and builder engine. Faster and more compact

New MIB-API Major Release(s)

Starting from the following releases the MIB API of object method functions have been changed:

Product Release Date
SNMPv1 Agent 2.1.0 Nov 24 2003
SNMPv2c Agent 3.1.0 Jul 22 2003
SNMPv3 Agent 5.0.0 Jun 19 2003
SMIv2 MIB-Compiler Sep 03 2003

The new MIB-API is a major release of all DMH SNMP-Agents (v1, v2c, and v3). The input parameters of method function have been changed to provide more information to the instance and object method functions and allow for more flexibility. Most method functions now take a single parameter: "snReq_t *snprm". See more information and formal definition in the SNMP-Agent documentation and header files.

We strongly recommend existing customers to upgrade their agent to the new MIB-API. We offer support to customers who are interested in an upgrade.

Previous releases: Advanced SNMP Agent and SMIv2 MIB-Compiler

Product Release Date
SNMPv1 Agent Jul 01 2003
SNMPv2c Agent Jul 22 2003
SNMPv3 Agent 4.1.0 Jun 19 2003
SMIv2 MIB-Compiler 1.4.1 Jun 19 2003

New Features, Additions and Corrections of releases above

New Features, API and related definition.

All agents now support and offer API functions to process the SMIv2 objects defined by rfc2579 "Textual Conventions for SMIv2" (SNMPv2-TC):

RowStatus - Row Status, (creation and row state manipulation).

  • StorageType - Storage Type, (validation and set process)
  • SnTestnIncr - Test and Increment (validation and set process)

The MIB-Compiler recognizes the above SNMPv2-TC objects and generates the "C" code in related method function.


Several new standard MIB objects defined by SNMPv2 MIB are now supported by the SNMP-Agent engine. Including:

  • SNMP group (new SNMP-Agent objects)
  • sysORTable, sysORLastChange (SNMPv2 MIB)

The MIB-Compiler adds code to add MIB groups to the sysORTable.


Several code corrections have been made to meet SNMP standards and industry test suits. Correction includes:

  • BER/ASN.1 encode and decode functions of basic object types.
  • SNMPv2c features (get-bulk, tooBig etc.)

The various SNMP-Agents pass successfully the popular industry snmp test suites. Interoperability with popular snmp managers was tested and verified.

Platforms and Compilers

The SNMP-Agent source code can be compiled cleanly by all popular "C" compilers including: MSVC 6.0, Borland BCC32 5.0.x, GNU gcc, and DJGPP.

The SNMP-Agent source code can be compiled and build by popular "C" 16bit compilers including: Borland BCC (16bit) 5.0 and MSVC 1.58 (16 bit).

All releases of the SNMP-Agent are tested both in 32bit environment, 16bit, as well as 8bit CPU system and environment (DOS based system and 16bit embedded systems). Platforms includes known Operating-Systems as well as embedded systems with various CPU architecture.

The SNMP-Agent is now available for 8bit CPU based systems such as 8051 and other 8bit CPUs. We have not compromised features or protocol completeness. A set of compile-time flags allow you to reduce the code and data size to meet memory restrictions. You can use the popular Keil C51 8bit "C" compiler to build the SNMP-Agent software.

32 bit platforms includes: Netburner ColdFire platforms.

16 bit DOS platforms includes: Datalight, Beck IPC@CHIP, W3.11, 16bit DMH Ipstack. WATTCP.

8 bit platforms includes: Dallas DS80C400 TINI® Platform, 8bit DMH Ipstack. and CMX.

Other platforms: Windows (all Windows platforms NT, W9x, W2k, XP), Linux, Sun Solaris.

Some of our customers compile and use our SNMP-Agent on 64bit architecture.